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One&Only Matchmakers

    If you have kept up with what is HOT on the internet front, you are well aware of the enormous success and popularity of internet matchmakers. You can search a database of thousands free.

    An ad on our web site is free for as long as you choose to keep it. You may place a photo with your ad, or mail it to us to scan and we'll place it with your ad for free as well. If a member responds to your ad, you don't need to pay or be a member yourself to reply back to them. However, if you want to respond to an ad, you must have an AYCE (All You Can Email) Club membership. Once you create an ad, you'll receive a mailbox number. This mailbox number is only used by AYCE Club members who want to respond to your ad.

    The AYCE Club membership is our only fee-based service. It allows you to respond to any ad you see on our site, or any ad that was sent to you by an Agent of Love daily email. We have several different membership plans, so please check our site for the latest prices.

    If you are a webmaster, we have some fantastic partner programs. Join up for free and start making $$$ with your website.

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All Free Lotto....It's All Free and It's All Fun!
All Free Lotto....It's All Free and It's All Fun!

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